Machine Consciousness 2011 and Engagement with Technology

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If  a Machine Consciousness or Hal 9000 were real, would it affect how we learn, would it affect Engagement with technology?

Is it the case that Intelligent Machines are much closer than we thought? Well at Digital Intermediary we know this to be the case. We have been working in the field of designing intelligent applications for some time.  This is not a work science fiction anymore.

Dr Gus Gusius and Paul Teague are the inventors of the new paradigm for an old problem. Departing from conventional thought that is still stuck in the 1950’s. The patent work can be viewed  at, PCT: [].

For those who want to know more about our work we encourage thinking people to respond and ask questions, we are also available to discuss aspects the work with potential licensees.

The inventors believe that the HAL from 2001 is in fact here, despite many pop culture scientists and even a few serious scientists believing this level of AI is 50 years or more away.

CLOE the thinking machine.  The inventors believe that the HAL 9000 from 2001 is imminent as are Apps for PCs iPhones and Androids.

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